Meet The Team

The Corken Capital Team

Meet the Corken Capital Team that will be here to help every step of your journey

Cameron Corken
Acquisitions Manager

Cameron Corken is a key player focused on the analytical evaluation of real estate deals across the country. With a background rooted in analytics, Cameron's expertise lies in analyzing real estate opportunities, recognizing trends, and leveraging technology to optimize investment opportunities.

In his role, Cameron is dedicated to providing meticulous analysis, ensuring that every investment decision aligns with strategic goals. Detail-oriented and goal-driven, he places a strong emphasis on putting the company and its clients at the forefront of informed decision-making.


Jen Sieve
Investor Relations

Jen Sieve is a vital asset and infuses dynamic energy and a commitment to excellence into her role. Jen's business acumen, coupled with her experience in real estate investing, brings a wealth of benefits to her clients in the realm of multifamily syndication.

With a proven history of business excellence, Jen is dedicated to maximizing investment opportunities for her clients. Her expertise extends to navigating the complexities of real estate, ensuring strategic and informed decision-making.


Lori Corken
Investor Relations

Lori Corken brings over two decades of astute experience in navigating the dynamic Denver real estate market. Renowned for her tenacity and expertise, Lori is recognized as a formidable negotiator by her peers and a dedicated listener to her clients. Her engaging leadership within the community is a testament to her commitment to fostering strong investor relations.

Lori's unwavering dedication to her clients and her business is evident in her ability to build and maintain meaningful relationships with investors. Her wealth of experience positions her as a trusted partner in navigating the intricacies of multifamily syndication, ensuring that investor goals align seamlessly with strategic real estate opportunities..


Empowering Investors

At the core of our mission is the empowerment of our investors. We believe in providing them with a safe and transparent avenue to grow their wealth. By offering carefully curated real estate investment opportunities, we enable our investors to take confident steps toward their financial goals.

Trust and Transparency

We understand that trust is the bedrock of any successful investment partnership. Therefore, we are committed to the highest standards of transparency and integrity. Our investors can trust us not only to provide them with comprehensive insights into our investment strategies but also to execute those strategies diligently and ethically.

Community-Centric Approach:

We recognize the integral role communities play in the success of our investments. As such, we are deeply committed to being responsible and considerate stewards of the neighborhoods in which we operate. Our investments are not only driven by the goal of financial return but also by the desire to create positive, sustainable impacts. 

Education and Support

Beyond offering investment opportunities, we believe in empowering our investors with knowledge. We provide resources, guidance, and a supportive network to ensure that our investors are well-informed and equipped to make informed decisions about their investments.

Continuous Innovation

To remain at the forefront of the real estate investment industry, we are committed to ongoing innovation. We leverage technology, market insights, and industry expertise to optimize our investment strategies and deliver superior results for our investors.